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Killer who cut off his mum’s head claimed to be Adolf Hitler in video rant hours earlier

A man who cut off his mother’s head with an axe claimed to be the “real Adolf Hitler” in a sickening video made before the attack.

Evil Tomasz Piotrowski decapitated his Mum in the hallway of her home in Ardee, Ireland.

She had also been stabbed numerous times and an axe and a number of blood-stained Stanley knives were found close to her body.

Depraved Piotrowski, 35, was jailed for life despite initially claiming he was insane and unfit to stand trial.

However, the judge heard there was conflicting evidence from experts and one psychiatrist said Piotrowski admitted lying about his mental health to get a diagnosis of schizophrenia and a lesser sentence.

The judge eventually ruled the case could go ahead, the Irish Mirror reports.

In the disturbing video seen by the Irish Star newspaper, Piotrowski said: “I know what I have to do…. this is not my real mother, this Elizabeth, this blondie one who is living with me in Clonmore.

“She was using and doing on me black magic. I remember now all everything. I know I was a killer in my past life. Yes, I’m the real Adolf Hitler.”

He then goes on to rant about blue crystals and Nazi war criminal Josef Goebbels claiming: “You remember Goebbels as well. Goebbels is a sneaky c***. He’s dead now, he died again, but he was born again… I’m sorry but I need help. I know what I have to do now.”

Piotrowski added: “Thank you because this UFO Hitler will collapse soon and I will get everyone. I don’t do you nothing. I’m sorry. Help me.”

The court was told after savagely murdering his 57-year-old mother Elzbieta on January 8, 2019, Piotrowski called for a taxi but was arrested soon after. Her body was discovered by a friend she was meant to be going shopping with.

At the Central Criminal Court, Justice White, jailing him for life, said: “This is the second case in a matter of months where it’s obvious that long-term drug addiction induces serious problems for those who engage in it, including a form of psychosis which is drug-induced and this led to the most horrific of tragedies.”

Mrs Piotrowski, her husband, the accused and his sister had moved to Ireland 10 years previously and the killer was no longer living in the family home.

The court was also told a picture on his phone showed him kissing his girlfriend while secretly holding an axe behind her head, together with a picture of the family home’s hallway where he had positioned an effigy to look like a blood-stained body. He had written “you’re next” on the floor next to it.

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