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Couple broke into flat after ‘demanding money’ leaving homeowner ‘traumatised’

A “disgraceful” couple have been sentenced to 13 months in prison after being found guilty of affray following an incident that occurred in September 2020.

Louise Turton, 27, and Edward Jones, 48, forced their way into a flat in Stockton-on-Tees after demanding the terrified homeowner handed over a sum of cash.

After the homeowner refused, the pair used a spanner to break their way into the flat on Shaftsbury Street, leaving the occupant of the flat traumatised, reports TeesideLive.

The couple were charged by officers from Stockton’s Criminal Investigations Department following the burglary in September 2020 before being jailed earlier this week by a Teesside judge.

Teesside Crown Court heard how the couple managed to gain entry to the property in question before Louise Turton had threatened the occupant, holding a knife to their throat.

Cleveland Police’s investigating officer, DC Matt Kenning said: “In September last year both offenders attended Shaftsbury Street and demanded £20 through the window of a property when the occupants were inside the address.

“When they didn’t get what they asked for, they smashed the windows with a spanner and managed to gain entry to the flat.”

He went on to add: “Not only did they intrude into someone’s home, they then rummaged through the occupant’s belongings.

“Turton held a knife up to one of the occupant’s throat and continued to demand cash.”

Kenning continued: “Thankfully officers arrived at the scene quickly and arrested both offenders however this was a traumatic incident for both victims to suffer through.”

Louise and Edward, of no fixed abode, were each sentenced to 13 months in prison for the crime.

Shortly after the hearing, DC Kenning said: “The behaviour of Jones and Turton was disgraceful and we are satisfied that both offenders have been given a custodial sentence after they inflicted a terrifying ordeal on their victims.”

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