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Rally Held Outside Kamala Harris’ Home Demands She Fight for Immigrants

Protestors gathered outside Vice President Kamala Harris’ residence in Washington on April 7 to demand her support for immigrant communities.

According to reports, a group of about 50 immigrants demonstrated outside Harris’ residence and shouted for Kamala to listen. Footage filmed by CASA, an immigration advocacy and assistance organization, shows protestors marched with banners saying, “Vice immigrant president, immigrant families count on you” and “No to deportation, we need TPS.”

“We’re counting on Vice President Kamala to leverage her leadership to fight for our immigrant community,” CASA wrote in a tweet.

“We feel that with her new appointment to this task force looking at migration she can really be leveraging that leadership role from there, to her role as president of the senate where her vote is a tiebreaker and can help push legislation,” Jenna DeFosse, a communications specialist for CASA told Newsweek.

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