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Jill Biden Tries To Speak Spanish, Fails Badly. Journalists Call Out Flag Behind Her.

Many news coming from the people of America that there are many chances to re-elect for the second time of the former president in January but it seems that as they wanted it didn’t happen according to their desire.

So, the date needs to be moved on to the next month. As now right-wing evangelist Nathan French, who said that somehow GOD clears the social media companies from their platform that who tries to ban Donald Trump. That’s why they need to arrange another date for a resurgence.

He totally justifies that “I think we’re going to find out in April. I think everything’s going to change. I see a shift coming. So, people are also willing to see the justice from GOD. Some of them are certain about that he don’t want to say or get into it too much because everyone can see it on the news. It is a universal truth that things that need to happen can take time but I am too much excited for two things 1st is Donald trump will come back and 2nd is GOD will finish what he wants from us.

French’s brand of faith is bound with disbeliever because last time his GOD fail to fulfill his promise again. According to them the justification of their insanity is doing or in this scenario imagining the same things again and again with different results. The truth is written that Trump isn’t coming back. To the country every statement is wrong. Yet French so-called prophet of people made a big mistake by providing all people the expiration date of his claims.

So far so good by one month later the president will be still Joe Biden. By then what could the French do? He can just state false theories or “mysterious ways” and excuses to gain back goalposts. Somehow the bigger question is that how much longer his believers will follow his wrong predictions. Or when they will realize the true face of French that he is not even close to the prophet but a fraudulent person.

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