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Jen Psaki – Just Another Radical Quitter

News outlets are reporting Charlotte, NC Over the past few days, Secretary Jen Psaki is on her way out at the White House. She said that when she acquired the job, she said it would be only for one year.

She also cited that back then Trump and trying to “cool” things down a bit after his administration as a reason for wanting the job. She finds herself on the list of liberal quitters. Rather than cooling things, Psaki has followed the typical actions of the Obama and Biden governments with avoiding questions, circling back, and being an absolute disgrace towards anyone that is not a mainstream media outlet.

Dedicated radicals join a government in a high-profile post than leave to make millions from their gifted positions in society. It’s the same story each year from the radical left. Will Psaki be the next mayor of Chicago or host at CNN? Possibly she will join her communist friends in Russia with her famous hat. It seems we will be going to find out in a year.

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