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7 Worst Foods That Could Cause Hair Loss

Worst Foods
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Both men and women want hair that is strong, healthy, and shiny. Using pricey hair care products alone won’t guarantee you have beautiful hair. Like good skin, healthy hair is a sign of a well-fed body. Your diet decisions have the power to harm or benefit your hair.

We already know that stress and pollution are bad for our hair, but what we don’t realize is that some diets may also be a factor in hair loss and thinning. While stress and heredity are sometimes blamed for hair issues, a person’s diet is a surprise additional impact. It’s true to state that eating poorly might worsen hair conditions or hasten hair loss.

Let’s have a look at foods that you must avoid for the sake of your hair.

Here Are 7 Foods That You Must Avoid For Hair Growth:



Certainly, the cunning threat is equally as harmful to your general health as your hair. According to studies, insulin resistance—which also causes diabetes and obesity—can cause hair loss or even balding in both men and women. A diet rich in sugar, carbs, and processed carbohydrates is the main cause of insulin resistance.

Foods with a High Glycemic Index

The foods that raise insulin levels are those with a high glycemic index. High-GI meals include things like refined wheat, bread, and sugar (yes, once more!). These meals have the potential to produce hormonal imbalances, a rise in insulin, and an increase in androgens, which bind to hair follicles and cause hair loss.


Keratin, a protein, makes up the majority of hair. The protein keratin provides your hair structure. Alcohol can cause hair to become weaker and lackluster because it has a detrimental effect on protein production. Moreover, excessive alcohol use can harm follicles by killing them and by causing nutritional imbalances.

Diet Coke

Diet drinks include aspartame, an artificial sweetener that studies have shown can harm hair follicles. It’s recommended to entirely avoid diet drinks if you’ve been losing hair recently.

Fast Food


Junk food is frequently loaded with saturated and monounsaturated fats, which can lead to hair loss in addition to obesity and cardiovascular illnesses. A diet high in SFAs and MUFAs can raise testosterone levels, which may raise DHT hormone levels as well. Androgen DHT has been linked to alopecia. Moreover, eating fatty meals can make your scalp greasy, clog your pores, and shrink your hair follicles.

Uncooked egg whites

Although eggs are beneficial for hair, they shouldn’t be eaten uncooked. Lack of vitamin biotin, which is necessary for the formation of keratin, can be brought on by eating raw egg whites. Avidin, a substance found in raw egg whites, reacts with biotin to prevent intestine absorption.


An abrupt loss of hair may result from high mercury levels. Fish is the most frequent source of mercury exposure since overfishing and climate change have increased the amount of methyl-mercury in fish over the past few decades. Mercury is abundant in sea-water fish including swordfish, mackerel, shark, and some types of tuna.

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