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Ex-model ‘answered door topless and filmed it’ as police paid visit to her house

Former supermodel Tziporah Malkah was topless when she sat down with a police officer visiting her apartment, according to reports.

An officer attended Ms Malkah’s home in relation to a court order which bars her from mentioning an ex boyfriend’s name in any way online after she assaulted him.

The former model, whose legal name is Kate Fischer, appeared at Downing Centre Local Court in Sydney, Australia, on Wednesday where it was heard she greeted an officer topless.

Constable Harley Johnson from Kings Cross police told the court he attended Ms Malkah’s Elizabeth Bay building on January 3, 2020, to speak with her about an alleged breach, News.com.au reports.

Once let in, Mr Johnson took a lift up to her apartment where he said she was waiting for him in the doorway “topless” and was being “confrontational”.

In response to repeated questions of whether she needed time to “get decent”, Ms Malkah told him “If I was a man I could do this”.

The court then heard how Mr Johnson went inside her apartment and instead of commenting on her ex boyfriend’s allegations, he claims Ms Malkah filmed their interaction and uploaded it to social media.

The constable said: “The accused was seated on the lounge, still topless and filming my interaction with her on her mobile phone. “The accused made no comment about the allegation.”

Ms Malkah has pleaded not guilty and her defence lawyer claims police have no proof she was the one who published the posts to her social media accounts.

It is alleged she deleted the original post before re-sharing the statement with her ex’s name hidden by Post-it Notes with the handwritten words “an arsehat”, the court heard.

Her ex-partner claimed the Post-it Notes were written in Ms Malkah’s recognisable writing, he said: “She’s got very artistic, distinctive handwriting.”

The hearing will continue on August 6.

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