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Cage fighter found guilty of murdering teacher ex and attacking her teen lover

A Jealous ex-con has been convicted of murdering his teacher ex-partner and attempting to kill a 15-year-old boy she was having sex with.

Paul Robson, 50, was found guilty of the murder of Caroline Kayll, 47, whom he met while serving time at HMP Northumberland in 2005, where she was a P.E. teacher.

Newcastle Crown Court heard Robson snooped on his ex at her home in Linton, Northumberland, after he learned about a sexual relationship she was having with a 15-year-old boy.

The jury were told Caroline had confided in a friend that Robson had blackmailed her for £35,000 and said her ex was “going to ruin her” and tell the school about the relationship.

On the night of Caroline’s death, Robson was skulking around her home and launched a vicious attack on the teacher and the boy with a pair of scissors.

The prosecution said Robson first kicked Mrs Kayll in the head while wearing heavy work boots, before chopping off her hair in clumps.

In his rage, he was found to have slashed her on the buttocks, with Caroline unable to survive the catastrophic brain injuries he inflicted.

Robson also repeatedly attacked the 15-year-old with scissors and a meat cleaver, the court heard, before spraying the both with ammonia and stealing their phones.

The court was told Robson even pretended to be Caroline on social media while he was on the run.

Nicholas Lumley QC, prosecuting, branded Robson a “cruel and calculating coward” who was “never going to do anything other than ruin” Caroline.

Mr Lumley told the court: “He was never going to do anything other than ruin her.

“If his fury and his frustration got the better of him then he was going to take things further and end her life.”

The former cage fighting coach and MMA fighter denied murder, claiming it was the 15-year-old who attacked Mr Kayll.

He claimed a struggle ensued as he tried to get the better of the teen, causing a brawl between the threesome.

Giving evidence his trial, Robson told the Jury he discovered messages from someone called cheeky in an old phone she had given him, leaving him feeling “betrayed” and heartbroken.”

Robson then moved out of the home but came over on the night Caroline died to pick up tools for a job in Glasgow.

According to Robson, Caroline let him in but said the tools were in her van which was being repaired and then gave him her bank details so he could access money she owed him.

He then claimed to have felt a blow to his head, which caused him to lose consciousness and when he came round Robson told the jury he found Caroline covered in hair, her mouth filled with blood.

Wiping tears from his eyes, he told Newcastle Crown Court: “I go to check on Caroline and I have her hair all over my hands and I am trying to wipe the blood off her face. I am feeling for her injuries, and she has none so I grabbed a hose and tried to wipe her hair from her face.

“I want to give her mouth to mouth but her mouth is full of blood, there was internal injuries and she has been stabbed.”

Robson said he then attacked the 15-year-old and “just went berserk” before going next door to the neighbour, who told him to leave.

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