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Bouncer, 21, found dead two years after ex and girl gang’s brutal attack

Aimee Purdey had been suffering severe mental difficulties and previously attempted to take her own life before being found in a hotel room in Manchester, a coroner heard

Two years later a female bouncer brutally attacked by her girlfriend and three pals was found hanged in a “cry for help” It is stated that in January 2018 Aimee Purdey, age of 21, was left with a footprint on her head and lost a fingernail after Simone McDermott invited her to come over.

Last March in a Manchester hotel room there is an inquest into her death that did not mention the basic assault which saw by an 18-year-old from Royton, Oldham, curl up in a ball and beg: “Let me go, please let me go.” When one filmed from her phone of “happy slap” assault then McDermott, then 19, and the other girls laughed as they rained down kicks and punches.

When McDermott, Melissa Marriott, of Blackley, Siobhan Wait, also of Blackley, and Victoria Houghton, of Wythenshawe, were spared jail the next year Ms. Purdey said that she might have thought about the attack every day.

The report says that inquest in Manchester was revealed Miss Purdey had been facing severe mental difficulties and recently she attempted to take her own life. After following a night out with her close friend, she was found dead in her room when she booked into the New Union Hotel in Manchester’s Gay Village.

His father David Purdey stated that: “At the time of her death, I felt Aimee was getting on with her life and she was loving her job and that she was considering going back to college to do a hairdressing course.

“She seemed happy, and her depression was at bay. I just wished that you had known about Aimee’s other attempt to end her life.” And on the other hand, her dearest mother told that: “She had had some relationship difficulties around September 2019 and that that caused some considerable distress to her.

My opinion is that this was probably a cry for help.” “She had been drinking in the course of the evening but it is difficult to know if that had any effect on what she decided to do. She was in a hotel room and was on her own. She had been in contact with her then-girlfriend and said, ‘I’m sorry and the hotel room was locked.

“It appears that Aimee was an impulsive person and I believe it is might possible for she hoped that she was going to be discovered. She was a young woman who had a lot to live for and plans for the future, and it’s desperately sad that her life has ended in this way.”

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