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Elderly Driver Crashes into Vacant Children’s Room in Plantation Home

Car Crashes
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On Wednesday evening, an elderly driver was hospitalized after his vehicle collided with a house on the 6200 block of Pine Terrace in Plantation at approximately 6:30 p.m.

Local residents rushed to the scene after hearing the impact. One local resident commented to Local 10 News, “It seems the elderly gentleman failed to apply the brakes.”

Ruben Bolaños, who was quick to assist the trapped driver and called emergency services, remarked, “Despite my attempts to access through the window, the locked doors made it impossible.”

Plantation Fire Rescue responded to the incident, safely extricating the senior driver from the vehicle and ensuring he received medical attention. A local resident mentioned, “He looked dazed and slightly disoriented but seemed otherwise fine.”

It was noted by the neighbors that the impacted house, whose family was currently away on vacation, suffered damage specifically to the children’s room. Expressing relief, a nearby resident said, “Thankfully, that was the children’s room he crashed into.”

The residents of Pine Terrace highlighted that this isn’t the first vehicular accident in their vicinity. Pointing to remnants of a prior mishap, a neighbor remarked, “Car debris once landed on that house after a crash into that palm tree.”

Some residents believe the curve on Pine Terrace might be challenging for unfamiliar drivers, causing them to speed inadvertently. Bolaños suggested, “Installing speed bumps might be a beneficial preventive measure.”

As of now, Local 10 News awaits a status update on the elderly driver from the Plantation Fire Rescue and the local police department. Further details remain pending.

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