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How to Make Studded Bra

How to Make Studded Bra

How to Make a Bra

The idea of a studded bra is basically an inspiration from the unique and different style that Lady Gaga opted to go with. The entire idea of this studded bra is simple and easy and all you need are the studs which you can get from any other shop or order them online from somewhere. The idea is to get your hands on the studs and then make your own studded bra. The entire process is easy and simple; all you need is to follow some steps.

Work Space for Making the Studded Bra

The idea is to find a place which you can make a nice workspace and then place the bra there as a preparation process of making the studded bra. The plain bra should be bought so that the studs can properly be applied and are prominent on it. The printed or laced bras will not make the studs look good. Another reason why the plain bra is recommended for a studded bra is because the studs will not stick on properly to the print or lace. The studs can be glued or there are the clip on studs for which we need time and patience to make the studded bra.

Decide The Design

Before you start sticking the studs for making the studded bra make sure you know how to work on it. The idea is to make a drawing of the design you want with the studs on the bra. The question of how to make a studded bra is simple to plan designing the bra. Once you have the design made and planned then the studded bra making process is very simple. Just place the studs according to the design on the bra to see the outcome before the final process. If the studs are too small and they fall off the bra, draw tiny circles for where the studs should be. Then start sticking the studs to make a nice studded bra.

Studs Gluing Process

Although the gluing process is simple and easy but you need a lot of patience and keenness for the process but if you have a gluing gun then the task is made easier. The type of studs should also be selected carefully. But try and find gluing gun for the studs from any fabric and bead stores. Experiment with the designs and colours of the studded bra. The glamorous studded bra can be an asset for all the going to be brides and the newlywed ladies.


Once the studs are on the bra wait till the glue dries and make sure no stud falls off and the extra glue cannot be seen.

A glamorous and sexy studded bra is ready to don for party and disco.

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