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Create Your Own Braided Necklace

Braided NecklaceBraided necklace looks too pretty and beautiful. You can create your own braided necklace at home with the crafts technique mentioned here.

Things required:

  • 15-20 grams Sport weight yarn (cashmere)
  • 2 Knitting needles
  • 1 Crochet hook

Crafting braided necklace:

Use needles and yarn to knit 1 strip of your braided necklace.

Make total of 7 rows straight and repeat this process about 20 times.

Now make second strip by knitting total of 15 rows straight.

Again repeat the process about 20 times.

You just need two strips that are ready now.

Wash the strips and let them dry.

Braided Necklace 1

Now you can braid necklace or hand band following the guide illustrated below.

Braided Necklace 2

First insert the longer end of the strip into the first yarn of the shorter end strip.

Braided Necklace 3

Now insert the top strip into the yarn.

Braided Necklace 4

Continue inserting the top strip alternatively.

Braided Necklace 5

After finishing inserting, you will get two different patterns in the braid.

Braided Necklace 6

Now use crochet hook to make a loop that would work as buttonhole.

Braided Necklace 7

Attach a button at the end of the strip.

Braided Necklace 8

Beautiful braided necklace is ready to wear.

Braided Necklace 9

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