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Make Mini Rose Hedge your Own

Mini Rose Hedge CraftedMake dull corner of your home colorful with a mini rose hedge crafted by your own just by utilizing some thrown away containers and fresh flowers.

Things required:



Painting brush



Floral foam

Scissor or knife

Guidelines to make a mini rose hedge

Take a rectangular or square container

Paint it with fun loving colors complementing your home decor

Let it dry

Put a piece of green floral foam into that container same of its size

Soak the foam with water

Use sharp knife or scissor to half cut the stems of red, pink or white roses

Also remove the thorns and extra leaves

Insert 2” of rose stem into the floral foam and insert all roses until the container is filled

You can make a colorful arrangement also by using different color roses and inserting them beautifully into the container

Put this container on the corner table of your home to make it living.

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