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Car goes airborne on Los Angeles highway after tire on pickup car bursts: Video

Car goes airborne on Los Angeles freeway
FOX6 News Milwaukee/ Youtube

Last week, a wild crash on a California highway was caught on video, showing a vehicle flipping through the air after colliding with a tire that popped off a pickup truck.

The crash occurred on the Ronald Reagan Freeway in Los Angeles’ Chatsworth area on Thursday.

Anoop Khatra was traveling in the left lane behind a dark-colored Kia Soul when her dashcam captured the heart-pounding moment.

According to the footage, a white pickup truck was traveling in the lane next to the Kia when the pickup’s front-left tire popped free and shot out in front of the Kia.

According to the footage, the Kia struck with the tire and fell several feet off the road. The vehicle flipped in the air before landing on its roof and rolling several times.

As the stray tire continued to roll and hit the back of the vehicle, the car finally settled right-side-up. Meanwhile, the pickup car looked to come to a halt on the right shoulder of the freeway.

According to Khatra, the driver was the only passenger of the Kia and looked to walk away with minor injuries.

According to the outlet, the Los Angeles Police Department stated that no significant injuries were sustained as a result of the event.

According to the California Highway Patrol, the Kia driver sustained slight injuries.

According to the agency, the tire on the pickup car became loose due to what looked to be sheared-off lug the nuts.

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