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Speech Rating Disaster of SOTU: 11.6 Million for Biden and 48 Million for Trump

The numbers are facts.

Joe Biden delivered his first annual State of the Union speech and turnover wasn’t so good. He is one of the most popular presidents ever and couldn’t attract half of the audience that Trump could. As per News World Today, Biden’s speech scored 11.6 million viewers across the networks whereas Trump scored 48 million viewers.

Well, there’s no comparison between both of them, because Biden is facing many crises such as coronavirus pandemic, economic turmoil, the border, and the Middle East. These crises are the major reason that people don’t want to hear their president.

A matter of fact is, dead people, do not watch TV.

Remember! Biden grabs the maximum number of voters in American history, but why he couldn’t break the record of highest viewership ever?

Deadline confirms the abysmal ratings:

“Joe Biden’s first address to a joint session of Congress last night was both a very traditional and untraditional affair, but it was no Donald Trump – in more ways than one.

Like his predecessors, the 46th POTUS walked down the aisle in the House chamber to applause, went up to the podium to greet the Speaker and the Vice President, and then turn to the cameras and elected officials and assembled dignitaries to pitch his agenda.

Unlike past Presidents, Biden entered wearing a mask and only had an audience of 200 total because of coronavirus safety protocols. Also, historically seated next to Nancy Pelosi, the Veep and first in line to the Presidency was for the first time a woman, former California Senator Kamala Harris.

Additionally, coming just over three months after MAGA morons attacked the Capitol and attempted an insurrection, there was also Joe Biden’s wide-ranging plans for a progressive overhaul of the function and role of government in American life, a pink slipping of the Reagan Revolution that has dominated DC for the past 40 years.

Long-ish speech (it clocked in at just over an hour) short: The man himself has an around 54% approval rating, but a poll run by CBS-YouGov found Biden’s remarks on Wednesday night got the thumb up from 85% of respondents.

However, with a small crowd in the House chamber, Biden had a relatively small draw outside, it seems.

In unadjusted fast affiliate data, the President’s speech drew around 11.6 million viewers in the 9 PM ET hour. Add, Univision (1.08 million) and Telemundo (884,000) to that batch of ABC, CBS, NBC, and Fox and the result inches up to 13.5 million for the speech that started around 9:10 PM ET.

ABC was in first place with 3.5 million viewers in that 9 PM ET hour. CBS was close behind with 3.3 million, followed by NBC’s 3.2 million and Fox’s 1.6 million.

Over, the 9 – 11 PM ET time period, ABC was still topped with its coverage and pre and post-speech Presidential Address to Congress and the Nation analysis. The Disney-owned net drew an audience of 3.1 million and a 0.8 rating in the 25-54 news demographic, according to Nielsen.

In terms of sets of eyeballs, CBS and NBC were tied for second place with 2.8 million tunings in respectively. Focusing on the 25-54s, NBC’s Biden Address To Congress snared a 0.7 rating, while CBS’ President Biden Address To Congress got a 0.5

Of course, that will all move upwards when all full-time zone adjustments occur and when the likes of CNN, MSNBC, and Fox News Channel are added to the mix. For all the broadcasters’ still considerable reach, cable news is where a hefty portion of Americans get their political information from, as Rupert Murdoch and Lachlan Murdoch can tell you.

What we can also tell you at this point, when everything from the Super Bowl to the Oscars is seeing new lows, is that Biden’s first address to a sparse Congress was one of the least-watched in recent history.

To Thursday throwback to the last POTUS, the current POTUS’ talk was down about 49% from a newly installed Trump’s first speech to a packed House chamber back on April 30, 2017. In a preview of a chaotic and dangerous reign to come, the factually challenged remarks by the former Celebrity Apprentice host went up to around 48 million when all the reporting networks were tallied up in the final numbers.

Trump’s speech aired on ABC, CBS, Fox, NBC, Univision, PBS, CNN, Fox Business Network, Fox News Channel, MSNBC, and NBC Universo.”

Trump will bring back his signature MAGA rallies and he will draw more people to a rally than Biden can draw to an event!

Biden got higher ratings than the latest Academy Awards. The propaganda around Biden’s speech is clear.

CBS reported that 85% of voters approved of Biden’s speech. CBS only included 169 Republicans out of 1,000 participants in its poll.

According to the National Pulse:

“In a stunningly duplicitous story aimed at shoring up the response to Biden’s speech, CBS claimed on television and on their website: “Most viewers who tuned in to watch President Biden’s speech liked what they heard and came away feeling optimistic about America.”

What they didn’t tell their viewers, nor readers, is that the poll was wildly biased towards self-identifying “Democrats” and traditionally left-leaning “Independents” and self-described “Moderates”.

They polled 510 Democrats and just 169 Republicans. They added 235 “Independents” to the methodology, which also usually skew left. A further 3 percent were not identified.

The full poll details reveal that CBS actually spoke with 10,420 U.S. adults and then whittled the sample size down to just 943.

Of this 943:

54% were Democrats (510 people)
25% were Independents (235 people)
18% were Republicans (169 people)
While the full cross-tabs have not been published, it is a safe assumption that these Democrat + Independent numbers add up to 79 percent of those polled, and this represents 93 percent of the 85 percent approval rate.

In other words, YouGov and CBS stacked their sample with leftists in order to create the result they wanted.

For example, if 54 percent of Republicans were polled, and just 18 percent of Democrats, the results would have revealed a majority of Americans did not like Biden’s speech.

The use of polling in this matter is of course not new, but CBS and YouGov’s fraudulence in this regard is perhaps the worst example we have seen of malpractice in the industry.”

Media malpractice is nothing new.

But the levels at which the media are covering up for Joe Biden should be alarming to every American citizen, especially voters.

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