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Decorating your Kitchen but within a budget!

decorating your kitchen but within a budget

decorating your kitchen but within a budgetUpdating and decorating your kitchen even in budget can be much easy if you act upon the tips we are giving today. You can make your dream kitchen come alive even in less time and less bugs. So here we go making your kitchen look like a celebrity’s kitchen having all accessories and gadgets.

Painting the cabinets

If you have the wooden cabinets of kitchen then strip the old paint and remove all the unpleasant marks on it. Once you are done with it then purchase the favorite paint color of yours, to add some texture and depth in the paint, add some oil pigments of yellow colors and here you go. Paint the wooden cabinets and you can see their new, appealing rebirth.

Molding the Edges

The second step you can take for decorating the kitchen cabinets is to mold them for more classic or updated look. Off course you can’t do it yourself. For this you have to contact any person who has the molding instruments with proper experience of doing so. You can explain him your ideas of molding your cabinets and the implementation is his part. We bet you can find a look of newly designed kitchen cabinets once they are molded for classic looks.

The white cabinets

If you have white kitchen cabinets and you don’t want to change their color then for bringing change you can draw very good frames with your favorite colors upon them. In the same way you can make graphic textures on them with red color or combination of many colors. Now you can put pictures in the drawn frames or leave them blank. Both will look classy and alluring.

Utensils rack

A utensil rack having placed for cooking utensils, towels and cups is a must-have for every kitchen. There are many designs of utensils rack available in market. Pick one of your choices or you can make it in your home. You just need to mount a rod of iron on the wall above your kitchen cabinets. You can paint it to make it more beautiful. We hope this idea can save your budget and make your kitchen more comfortable place to be in.

 A white board for you and kids

You will be amazed to know that a white board in your kitchen can not only entertain your kids but can also solve many of your problems, like your kids can draw master pieces while you’re working. You can write the weekly menu. You can leave notes for the children while going out. A mini white board with your self designed frames made of paint or gift papers can make it amazing yet useful accessory in your kitchen.

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