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6 Simple Ways for a Ravishing Makeover

Is monotony of your life weighing you down? Are you tired of the way you look everyday and wish you could entirely change your appearance but are somehow clueless about how to begin? If yes then you know it’s time when you should spice things up a little.

Going for a makeover doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to bring about drastic changes in your life and become someone you’re not. It simply means that you implement small changes that bring on a positive transformation and makes you feel good about yourself, inside out.

Read below for a few tips on how you can change the way you look:

  • Say Yes to Bold Colors – Bid adieu to your boring neutral colors, like beige, grey, black or navy, and replace them with more vibrant choices. Buy a bag of a striking turqoise or pink shade. Pair your pencil skirt with a richer plum or garnet color. For a fresh new look, team any neutral dress with an extremely bright cardigan. The options are endless. You got the idea…right?
  • Change Your Hairstyle – Try out some highlights for a distinctive new look. Also, change the way you part your hair and try out various hairstyles, be it buns, braids, waves, or anything else. Finally, zero in on one hairstyle that gives a nice new dimension to your face. Seek help from your hair stylist or friends in this matter, if need be. You may even buy any of the real-looking celebrity wigs, for a dramatic change in your looks on some special occasion or party.
  • Try Out Something Trendy – Classics, like the LBD, a crisp white shirt, et al may never go out of fashion but do not shrink from trying out something trendy. Sure, it may go out of season in a few months but they definitely impart the much-needed punch to your usual sober look. Snakeskin, polka dots, and plaid are some trendy stuff you can look forward to, in fall 2011.
  • Shoe Show – Bury your flats and black pumps; and be ready to look like the scandalous, hot diva with your stunning sky-high heels, ankle booties, or chunky platforms.
  • Discard Your Usual Makeup Shades – Embrace new shades, be it your eye shadow, lip color, nail color, blush on or anything else.
  •  Seek Inspiration from Your Favorite Celebrity – It is common to be stumped by the way your favorite celebrity look. Observe their style statement and the kind of dresses she wears. Did you like what she wore on last premiere show? Venture on to look for a similar yet more affordable alternative to it. Or, you may get it custome-made for yourself. You do not have to copy it but seeking inspiration is definitely a good idea.

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