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Biden Threatens To Cancel 4th Of July If Americans Don’t Get “The Jab”

Whoever is writing Joe Biden’s material doesn’t appear to have a working knowledge of why it is that Americans celebrate the Fourth Of July, or as it is otherwise known Independence Day, as per smartzune.

On Wednesday, the nation’s 46th president repeated his tired threat: If people don’t visit their local vaccination site and roll up their sleeves, that they would not be able to celebrate July 4th. Even to get together in “small gatherings” to commemorate the day when our forefathers broke free of the tyranny of a king.

Biden’s mass vaccination push has stopped as those people who were eager to take “the jab” are done now. Last month Biden swayed the carrot that he would generously allow scaled-down celebrations while brandishing the stick that he could change his mind if his orders were not obeyed. There would be a ban on the American holiday if sufficient numbers didn’t get vaccinated said, Dr. Anthony S. Fauci. Now balancing demand in many areas. According to Biden, “Back on March 11, I outlined a vision of what America could look like by the Fourth of July — an America that was much closer to normal life that we left behind more than a year ago.”

He continued, “To celebrate our independence from this virus on July 4th with family and friends in small groups, we still have more to do in the months of May and June. We all need to mask up until the number of cases goes down until everyone has a chance to get their shot.

Like Fauci and the CDC, Biden went with a mixed message by insisting that Americans “mask up” even if they have received the vaccine. This order doesn’t exactly provide an incentive to get the shot at all. This comment seems to indicate that the masks, which have come to be the unofficial symbol of the authoritarian Democratic party, are NEVER going away.

Senator Rand Paul put it best when it comes to Biden’s push to vaccinate all Americans: “If you want more people to get vaccinated, Joe Biden should go on national TV. take his mask off and burn it… and say, ‘I’ve had the vaccine I am now saved from this plague. If you’ll get the vaccine, you can be safe too’”, said the Kentucky Republican.

Republican Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell responded, “It was advice for an alternate universe. The president and his advisers may need to get out more. Americans are already getting together in small groups outdoors in blue states and red states, in small towns and big cities. The country is not locked down waiting for July 4.”

Texas GOP Senator John Cornyn also weighed in; “If every willing person in America is vaccinated for #COVID19 by May, as POTUS has said, why put our lives on hold till July the 4th?”

Biden’s hostage-taking is arrogant, obscene, and just plain un-American. Red states have successfully reopened, mask mandates have been rolled back and people are getting about their lives without waiting for permission from Washington. Red state or blue state, patriots will be celebrating July 4th no matter what Biden and Fauci threaten.

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