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This legendary beast may be behind a series of haunting sheep killings

Farmers believe this legendary vampire-like beast is responsible for a series of sheep slayings that’s happening on their farm.

Farmers in Mexico are experiencing a mysterious string of sheep killings that local veterinarians couldn’t explain.

According to a local media port, farmers in Mexico have reported a series of sheep killings that began on Christmas day.

The mysterious predator killed several animals on the ranch that is located in the community of Los Robles. According to the report, the unknown beast returned back three days later to kill more, and then again in January and February.

Owners of the ranch called a veterinarian to examine the bodies of the animals in an attempt to uncover some answers about what was doing the killing.

Unfortunately, the veterinarians said that the bite marks don’t match any known predator in the region, which has now caused workers on the farm to speculate that the animal doing the killings is the legendary chupacabra.

According to folklore, a chupacabra is said to attack and drink the blood of livestock, including goats. However, the animal’s physical descriptions vary widely, and biologists and wildlife management officials believe that the chupacabra is just an urban legend.

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