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Baby Rushed To Adelaide Hospital After Testing Positive For Meningococcal Disease

Baby Rushed To Adelaide

Once health officials discover the infant’s close contacts, an 11-month-old baby who had a severe meningococcal infection was taken to the hospital.

The kid-tested positive over the weekend and is now being treated at a hospital in a remote area of South Australia for an invasive case of the infectious disease.

Health officials have confirmed that everyone who had contact with the newborn has been contacted, and the infant’s status is still stable, according to the DailyMail.

The strain had been classified as serotype B, according to SA Health. Health officials have ordered four persons to take clearance antibiotics and recommended the neighborhood acquire the illness vaccine to prevent getting sick.

Vaccinations are provided to newborns at six weeks, four months, 12 months, and Year 10 students under the auspices of federal and state-funded programs.

Invasive meningococcal illness has so far been reported in three cases across SA in 2018, up from two occurrences in the same period in 2021.

The serotype B strain was determined to be present in all three cases. In the state last year, there were 14 cases of the dangerous illness.

Those who have previously received the vaccine have been advised by SA Health to keep an eye out because not all strains are covered by the vaccine.

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