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Angelic toddler dances joyfully before she was murdered by her evil babysitter

Footage of a young toddler dancing joyfully has emerged after she was brutally murdered by her babysitter.

In the video Lilly Hanrahan can be seen bopping up and down while wearing a blue and silver dress and sparkly trainers.

While she might be the smallest on the dancefloor, the adorable toddler makes up for it with energy and enthusiasm, Birmingham Mail reports.

In another heart-wrenching video she is seen dressed in pink, running towards the camera and climbing onto the sofa giggling.

Tragically Lilly was murdered by her babysitter Sean Sadler.

Her devastated grandmother, Lesley Hanrahan, described her as a “happy loving little girl” who enjoyed dancing.

“Lilly was funny, she’d hear music and she was off. She loved music, she loved dancing,” the 70-year-old from Nechells said.

“She used to walk around in these boots and if you picked your phone up she would run straight over and start pulling faces.

“She used to love that and you show her what you recorded and she loved that.

“She was a really good kid.”

Medical examinations showed the 21-month-old died of a catastrophic brain injury on November 22, 2017.

Her tiny body suffered a string of injuries, including bruises where she had been gripped by Sadler and half-a-dozen broken ribs.

Lilly was born a healthy baby girl on February 21, 2016.

Her mother was a heroin addict and the baby was discharged into the care of her grandmother.

Another woman was appointed the girl’s special guardian and on July 7 Lilly moved into the woman’s house.

Lilly was doing extremely well until the woman began a relationship with Saddler in Spring 2017.

He became a regular visitor and she began to leave Lilly in Sadler’s care with devastating consequences.

Today at Birmingham Crown Court, Sadler, of Northfield, was found guilty of murder and wounding with intent following a trial, ending a three-year wait for justice for Lilly’s family.

On November 19, 2017, Lilly was rushed to Birmingham Children’s Hospital after she was found unresponsive at her home. She died three days later.

The court heard the tot had been a “normal, healthy girl”.

Jonas Hankin QC, prosecuting, said: “She had no recent significant illness or accident.

“The head injury that caused her death was between the times she was last seen to be well and when she lost consciousness.

“It occurred when she was in the care of Sean Sadler.

“The prosecution contends that Sean Sadler caused the death of Lilly by assaulting her and he is responsible for her murder.

“The likely mechanism was forceful shaking, possibly involving an impact on a yielding surface such as the armrest of a sofa.

“Sadler also caused her older injuries, the fractures to the vertebrae and bleeding in the lungs.”

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