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Why walking alone may be better for fitness

Walking alone is maybe better than walk with someone else, this is said by Libby Richards, associate professor of nursing.

Recently she and her team experienced this on 72 different couples on the beachside and they analyzed the walking times and walk speeds of 141 individuals from 72 couples.

Accordingly, they found that couples often decreased their speed when walking together, while the walk declined further if the pair were holding hands. “We were hoping that there would not be a reduction in speed where partners walked together. We hoped that slower partners would speed up to match the faster partner, but that was not the case’’.

But Walking or exercising with a spouse, partner or friend typically increases one’s likelihood to be active, especially as people are now being encouraged to meet a goal of at least 150 minutes of moderate activity every week.

“If someone substantially slows down when they are walking with someone else, that could negate some of the health benefits recognized if they walked alone at a faster pace,” she said.

We should have a proper walk everyone once a day due to summer health issues…

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