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[VIDEO] New CNN Hidden Camera Video Opens Door for Matt Gaetz and Trump to Sue Their Pants Off

Tonight, CNN is a world of hurt. because of their smelly rating, this is not the reason although it’s worse than that. With hidden camera video, CNN got stung again by Project Veritas. But not just a light “prick.” They actually got thumped, and genuinely, after what’s been flashed, the truth is CNN needs to be under federal investigation for the act they have done.

Because of that Matt Gaetz and President Trump can both sue CNN for libel if they want. For the help of Joe win the 2020 election A CNN Director went on the record (even though he didn’t know it) and said informed and boasted about all the ways that CNN used propaganda. So, at that time, their main goal was to help the Dems remove President Trump from office.

Because he’s a “problem” for the Democrat Party and if that’s not bad rather, they also said right now they’re making the identical specific thing to Rep. Matt. Gaetz said that: “The agenda is to get Matt Gaetz right now. He’s a problem for the Democratic Party because he’s so conservative and he can cause a lot of hiccups in the passing of laws… we’re going to keep running these stories to keep hurting him”

I discussed above in extension, they also exulted about serving to keep President Trump out of office.  CNN was even seized on tape confessing to using “propaganda” to sell Biden as “young & healthy in aviator glasses” to the American people. But as in reality, it’s more serious than just that ridiculous nonsense.

“Today, CNN’s Technical Director admitted that they push “propaganda” and that the network’s “focus was to get Trump out of office” Just let that sink in for a minute.”

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