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You should use music during yoga, or not!

You should use music during yoga, or not!

Yoga is adaptable to personal needs and wants, so don’t complicate your yoga practice and just flow with your force.

About using music in yoga there has always been a debate. Some yoga classes are accompanied by soothing melodies or chanting or devotional rock. However there are some classes that don’t use music at all. So is yoga better exercised with or without music? Or is it about what suits your personal needs and personal mood?

The school of thought that considers music an aide in yoga says they are able to draw inspiration from the music notes. However there is a rather small number of mixes available for yoga, and to hear these playing over and over again can become quite irksome, hence ruining the whole point of yoga. The break from music at this point becomes sort of necessary. With no music playing during your yoga practice there is more inclination for stillness. Once the music is off only then do you realize how you were drawing your energy from the music. Once music is off during your yoga you manage to focus on the energy in you and get more in sync with your own movements.

There is no hard and fast rule concerning music in yoga practice. Use it if you feel like it and don’t if you don’t feel like it. If not music then chant your personal mantra if you have one. Experiment with ways so yoga is best suited to your personal tastes.

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