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Triceps – The Sex Appeal of Women

To have attractive arms and to lose all the flabby and sagging arms, it is necessary for women to include some triceps exercises in their workout routine. We often tend to ignore the backs of the upper arm while exercising, a muscle that is extremely important to appear beautiful and sexy. If not catered to, the flaccid loose arms can give a horrid look to your otherwise cared-for body.

The triceps are a problem spot for many women and more often than nought, the one muscle that they fail to work on is this muscle. Toning and strengthening their triceps is as important for women in their workout as any other muscle or part of the body, as working out on triceps can either make your arms look ravishing or make them appear ghastly.

Some celebrity figures in our life that have arms to show off are Cameron Diaz, Jessica Biel and Demi Moore. What all these women have in common are beautiful triceps, which make their arms appear very sensual.

Push-ups are the best workout that a woman can do to build triceps. You don’t need to head to a gym for this either, pushups can be done anywhere and anytime. Along with pushups, another great workout exercise for triceps for women is to use dumbbells. One arm or both arms can be used at a time it entirely depends on your own feasibility which way you want to go with your workout. Hanging dips are also an excellent workout for triceps, and are easily available in gyms. if not the gym, the local park is bound to have a monkey bar that you can use for that purpose.

All in all, a triceps workout can give you the required and desired sex appeal that you crave for. And once you have the right triceps, wearing any summer top that you want would not be an issue at all; because you would have been devoid of all the flab that you had once. Therefore, all it takes for you to gain triceps is a bit of workout that will prove effective in the long run. So gear up and go, for one can do without sagging arms.

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