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Pay To Sway? Here’s How Detroit Is Pushing The Vaccine On Teachers


Reports show that Detroit is willing to pay teachers $500 to get vaccinated, although they are not mandating that teachers get the vaccine.

Would you do it for $500?

Sure, if you are already getting vaccinated then free money is free money, but what about those who were on the fence?

Detroit is offering these teachers $500 in an effort to sway them, but as always this just raises more questions.

Questions like: why the major push for every single healthy adult to be vaccinated?

If someone is healthy, young, and active, why try to force this on them?

If you are afraid for your own safety and you are fully vaccinated then why are you so afraid someone else isn’t vaccinated?

It’s questions like these that make people uneasy, and they can’t be blamed for feeling that the government, and many of our private institutions cannot be trusted.

My advice to Fauci, The U.S. government at large, and our medical corporations?

Quit while you guys are ahead; you have lost the faith and goodwill of the people.

Here is more on the story:

Detroit Chalkbeat had more on the story:

The Detroit Public Schools Community District is offering a one-time $500 incentive to encourage educators and other eligible staff to receive the COVID-19 vaccine.

The incentive, which applies to those who already have been vaccinated or plan to be by June 30, 2021, also includes up to 16 hours of sick leave to account for possible vaccine side effects.

“This incentive is a way to promote the greatest protections to all employees as we work to minimize the threat of COVID-19 while respecting an individual’s choice not to vaccinate,” Superintendent Nikolai Vitti said in a statement.

The district is not requiring staff to get vaccinated. However, it said there has been a 10% increase in the number of employees who filled out an internal volunteer COVID-19 completion survey since the program was announced over the weekend.

Detroit News came through with more details:

The incentives will be paid from federal stimulus money from last year’s CARES Act, Wilson said.

“The incentive is a way to promote the greatest protections to all employees as we work to stop the spread of COVID, while respecting the individual’s choice to not vaccinate,” Wilson said.

The district has started mandatory weekly saliva surveillance testing for all employees, Wilson said. That started with a single site, at Renaissance High School on the west side, but next week, when learning centers reopen, it will expand to other school buildings.

Employees also take regular COVID-19 questionnaires.

If someone tests positive, they need a negative test to return to work, Wilson said.

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