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Fake Vaccines Exposed? Is This How Fauci Got His?

Some days back I’ve been watching a lot of talks online that people about getting “fake vaccines”. So, I think there are a lot of different ways to do it right. like, get an injection of sugar water or just water and vodka! huh!

or just simply use a fake syringe. But truly you know that what I am all talking about? Many people who a famous are doing their “ideal signaling” telling us that we should also get the vaccine. But meanwhile on the other hand the main doubts are still remail about themselves whether these people are getting the vaccine for themselves.

The main point for especially for those people that have a medical background (note, I don’t say medical “experts”). But some people like Dr. Fauci or Dr. Oz or any of the other charlatan talking heads.

The question is are they truly getting the vaccine? If I tell the truth, I doubt it. And now I know I’m not alone because I have been reading all the reports online that are saying that these “doctors” won’t touch the vaccine with a 10-foot pole for actual themselves or any of their family members. But the truth is It’s nothing new. 

Dr. Oz has declared that even though he tells YOU to get it, his family does NOT get the flu vaccine. I am exploring the video clip plus will post it when I notice it, but I’ve subjectively seen it before. Google is doing their best to scour it from the whole internet.

But back to our main story.

We’ve all SEEN them get the reach, right?

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