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10 Habits That Make you Fat

10 Habits that Make you Fat

Things That Make Fat

Another 10 pounds?no!!.. We often check our weight gain on a scale but never look onto the habits that cause it. Here are the top 10 habits that make you fat during your daily routine.

1. One of the astonishing fact regarding low-fat products available in the market is that they save only a few calories but put back low performing carbs. They are easy to digest but replace harmless fats. According to the researches this state cause sugar cravings and the hunger rebounds.

2. It is commonly observed that people start following certain diet plans from the internet without consulting a nutritionist advice. As a result without knowing your tendency and body demands you make mistakes that surprise you every time you step on the scale. Therefore, it is mandatory to consult nutrition so that you get the best advice right according to your weight and height.

3. When you eat with others you eat more than you usually consume is one of the common habit that makes you fat. Meeting friends and social life is important for well-being and mental relaxation but watch what you are eating. Always chose meal options that are low-calorie yet small in portion. Change your eating habits but not hang out with your loved ones. Other than that, key tip is to walk for 30mins after a scrumptious meal.

4. Life is busy these days. People multi task while eating include watching TV, talking over phone, working on computers or reading their favorite novels or books. Avoid doing this when you are eating rather concentrate on your meal and eat slowly.

5. Avoid using artificial sweeteners available in the market. According to the latest studies, they confuse the regulatory system of the body that result in considerable weight gain. By the end you feel hungry and not feeling full. Instead of these artificial sweeteners use natural ones like honey or raw sugar.

6. Drink at least 8 glass of water daily. Your water intake should be more than you actually do. Usually dehydration makes you dull and lazy and people think that they need food to feel better. Keep a check on balanced water and food intake to avoid habits that make you fat.

7. You don’t need to be active all the time to avoid weight gain. Getting right amount of sleep is important for well being and your weight too. According to studies it has been revealed that less sleep or over sleep leads to higher hunger levels and increases appetite.

8. Skipping meals is not a good idea. People tend to eat more when they eat after skipping a meal. Divide your meal in little portions every two hours and you ll seek the difference.

9. Choosing the right bread is the key to avoid weight gain. We often prefer whole grain bread over white bread but is has been revealed that white bread is the first fast food and rated as one of the top habit that make you fat.

10. Keep tempting junk food like crisps, Doritos, cookies in opaque jars. It will increase the risk of weight gain because your prying eyes will not see them. Other than that, keep them out of your reach preferably in a kitchen cabinet or drawers.

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