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Eat Healthy Food, Stay Young!

eat healthy food stay young

eat healthy food stay youngWe all love to eat because it depicts our culture and it is the only source of energy and nutrition. A common fact is that we all know at least something about fresh food because every person grows up with rich traditions of healthy food in order to live a long and quality life.

Today, in this life of haste, everyone prefers consuming instant food but it does not satisfy the requirement of healthy food. Thus, it’s important to include fresh foods including leafy vegetables, fruits, meat and fish in your dietary plan to remain healthy for long. It has been studied that unhealthy junk food adds up to three hundred calories. If they are consumed in greater amounts then it can lead to the severe problems of child obesity. Studies prove that processed artificial foods instead of taking fresh foods can cause lack of attention and intensify hyperactivity in some children. Thus, from the childhood parents should keep fresh food in their children’s diet.

Healthy foods allow intake of adequate quantities of fresh food from all food groups with an excess consumption of water. Fresh foods have various advantages: it increases a person’s energy, facilitates the digestive system, maintains the weight at an appropriate level, delays the aging process, increases immunity at times of changing weather conditions, maintains low cholesterol, and low risk of diabetes. Thus fresh foods should be taken in abundance to stay young and healthy.

The question which beginners who plan to start taking fresh foods often ask is that how should they switch to healthy food? The solution to this problem is to understand that transition is not that easy. It requires will, time and determination to develop the habit of taking fresh foods regularly. Initially, one can replace one food item at a time with healthy food and wait for the positive results which the body will respond in an energetic manner. These habits of taking fresh foods are developed overtime.

Another important aspect is that health and diet should be differentiated from each other. The common notion that butter is unhealthy whereas margarine is termed as healthy food; small intake of alcohol causes breast cancers but keeps heart attacks at the bottom line; the question that whether dietary vitamins antioxidants can keep a person from lung cancer or not; these confusions have made us come to a conclusion that eating is just a paradox which modern scientists are trying hard to figure out.

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