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No doubt lips are an integral part of your make up that keeps changing with the mood of time and occasion. The moist and smooth lips with proper shape not only look beautiful but also contribute in enhancing your appearance. Balanced and beautiful lips is what every woman want. Framing of lips in proper shape is an important thing that can overcome even slight imperfection of your lips. You can easily balance your lips by some simple tips.

Lip skin is very soft and tender that needs our extra care while applying any make up on it. Lip make up can be decided according to your lip size and shape that varies for every woman. First of all you need to know what type of lips you have and then decide about the type of make up that will suit you. Woman having big lips should use muted colours for make up such as purples, browns and bronzes to have balanced look of their lips.

For small lips line them with a pencil and them blend the edges with a sponge applicator to give them a perfect look. Always use a lip liner close to the colour of your lipstick to give your lips a natural look that will help in defining their shape as well.

If you have thin lips, than you need to draw a neutral-coloured outline slightly beyond the lip area. You can also apply some white shadow on lips over lipstick to balance them and avoid applying dark shades of lipsticks.

Woman having fuller lips should avoid wearing any lip colour that is too glassy or shiny because gloss makes lips appear fuller. Line fuller lips with natural lip line and fill in new shape with lipstick. Outlining the lips prevents colour bleeding and it’s better to apply two coats of a lipstick for longer durability.

Giving your lips a perfect shape is not that difficult you just need to follow some simple tips according to your lip shape and size and apply lipstick accordingly.

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