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Health Tips to help you Avoid and Beat Cellulite

Cellulite Home RemediesUse these simple health tips to try and keep your skin free from cellulite and remember that it doesn’t happen overnight.

Who of us haven’t suffered from a bout of cellulite? Health news alert: Nearly all women have some, no matter how young or old, fat or thin we may be. Ok so it’s normal to have cellulite but that doesn’t mean we actually want to see those dimply bumps on our hips, bum and thighs. Health care tips and more specifically skin health tips could potentially save us from spending cash on fairly useless creams, lotions and potions!

Health news suggests that cellulite to some extent, is determined by your genetic make-up and by your hormones. So some of us are just prone to it more than other women! Don’t despair though, because there are health tips and skin health tips you can try and use to tackle cellulite with. Health news shows that cellulite is worsened by a poor diet and poor circulation. So our health tips for your skin and body include eliminating toxins by eating more healthy food and drinks, starting an exercise regime and incorporating some massage into your daily routine. Here are some health tips on how to do just that:

Diet Health Tips

Health Tip 1: Good skin health tips are to eat a diet rich in fruit and vegetables to provide your skin with vitamins, minerals and fibre
Health Tip 2: Eat wholemeal breads and wholegrain cereals
Health Tip 3: Eat less processed foods, which can be high in sugar, fat and salt
Health Tip 4: Avoid artificial additives, such as sweeteners and colourings
Health Tip 5: Drink at least 2 litres of water daily and reduce your alcohol intake if you drink.
Health Tip 6: Try toning exercises such as swimming, jogging or rowing, which increases blood flow and improves circulation.
Health Tip 7: Good health care tips for cellulite include brushing or massaging the problem areas every day. Baby oil works well for massaging.

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