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Neurological Disorders – Conditions and Remedies

Neurological Disorders

Neurological DisordersNew types of health issues and disorders are emerging day by day. Among them, one major health issue is neurological disorders. Many people think that neurological problems only related to mind but it is not true.

Neurological disorders occur when your body’s nervous system doesn’t work properly or there is a problem in your entire nervous system.

Conditions of neurological disorders are many but all results in dysfunction of mind and nervous system.

The nerves spreading from the brain and those surrounding the spinal cord form the entire human nervous system. Problems in this nervous system may lead to serious damage or health risks that are defined as neurological disorders.

It is however another chilling fact that many people don’t know enough about neurological disorders any some time in their life may prone to these neurological disorders. They don’t take this serious health risk as a serious issue and when face some serious and life threaten conditions of these neurological disorders then bother to consult any neurosurgeon. This article focuses this serious issue and put light on conditions and remedies of neurological disorders.

Some major type of neurological disorders

Neurological disorders may be categorized according to the effected location. Following are some of the main neurological disorders according to their affected areas.

  • Brain damage
  • Frontal lobe damage
  • Parietal lobe damage
  • Temporal lobe damage
  • Occipital lobe damage

Brain dysfunction disorders:

  • Aphasia (language)
  • Dysarthria (speech)
  • Apraxia (patterns or sequences of movements)
  • Agnosia (identifying things/people)
  • Amnesia (memory)

Spinal cord disorders:

  • Peripheral nervous system disorders
  • Cranial nerve disorders
  • Autonomic nervous system disorders
  • Seizure disorders such as epilepsy
  • Movement disorders such as Parkinson’s disease
  • Sleep disorders
  • Headaches (including migraine)
  • Lower back and neck pain (see Back pain)
  • Other pain (see Neuropathic pain)
  • Delirium and dementia such as Alzheimer’s disease
  • Dizziness and vertigo
  • Stupor and coma
  • Head injury
  • Stroke (CVA, cerebrovascular attack)
  • Tumors of the nervous system (e.g. cancer)
  • Multiple sclerosis (MS) and other demyelinating diseases
  • Infections of the brain or spinal cord (including meningitis)
  • Prion diseases (a type of infectious agent)
  • Complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS) (a chronic pain condition.)

Conditions of neurological disorders

Conditions of neurological disorders are many and some become severe as time passes. Some of the major conditions are:

  • Injury to the brain that impairs its functioning
  • Any damage to spinal cord
  • Inability to coordinate with volunteer muscles to perform any physical task
  • Absence of topognosia
  • A continuous succession of slow movements of hands, feet and other body parts
  • A progressive disease of the entire nervous system which results in severe paralysis and in some cases death
  • Harmful pressure on nervous which cause muscles weakness and results in continuous back pain and pain in bones
  • Inability to perform motor skills and hence lead to autism, dyslexia and other cognitive disorders specially in children

Remedies of Neurological disorders

Before discussing the remedies of neurological disorders, it is important for every one of you to realize these neurological disorders a very serious health issue. Even don’t ignore a back pain, pain in neck or a continuous headache. You may consider these neurological disorders temporarily but somewhere in your nervous system they may cause to paralysis or serious dysfunction of body and entire nervous system. Now go for the remedies of neurological disorders to encounter this serious health issue.

The remedies for neurological disorders encompass high medical treatments. Never ever try to do self-medication at home. It may cause a serious damage.
Some of the medical remedies for neurological disorders are:

Gamma Knife

It is not a knife. But a machine which delivers a focused and high dose of radiation to its target without causing any damage to tissues and nerves.

Cyber knife

It is a most advance type of radio surgery.it uses a robotic arm to deliver high dose of radiation to the target area.it is another painless and non-invasive remedy for neurological disorders.

Some of the other most important remedies for neurological disorders are:

  • Deep brain stimulation
  • Brain mapping
  • Stem cell therapy

It is highly recommended to consult a neurosurgeon before going to take any step against any type of neurological disorders.

Have a happy life!

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