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Bridal dresses can be worn shorter and Short dresses should be worn with pride!

Bridal dresses can be worn shorter and Short dresses should be worn with pride!

Why must we conform to the longer length in bridal dresses? A wedding dress can be of any style and length, so go short and show off those legs!

Usually the norm of a bridal dresses involves a long flowing gown, sometimes with a train with much puffiness and grandeur. However, some of us want more simplicity and sometimes the nature of the wedding means short dresses are better as the bridal dresses. So whether it’s a last minute wedding, a second wedding, a tropical beach wedding or a quick dash to the registry office, there are many great reasons to keep your wedding dress short and sweet.

Why Wear a Short Length Wedding Dress?

  •  Short dresses are practical and comfortable to wear and won’t threaten to trip a bride up as she walks down the aisle.
  • Informal bridal dresses can be an ideal choice for a last minute wedding as they can be bought off the rack.
  • Short dresses are the preferred choice for weddings in hot climates or on a sun kissed beach.
  • It is far easier to dance in short dresses than more traditional wedding dresses.
  • Short dresses mean the bride can show off her legs and accessories, including her shoes.
  • Bridal dresses which are short tend to be more economical and easier on the wallet because less fabric is used.

Which Short Wedding Dress Length?

  • Bridal dresses which fall below the knee are flattering to most shapes and sizes as they don’t show too much leg. They are perfect a summer wedding on the beach or in a garden setting.
  • Knee length bridal dresses demand better legs but look excellent on the right body shape.
  • Above the knee wedding dresses or even the micro-mini are best left alone, unless you’re planning a mad dash to Vegas!

Buying Short Wedding Dresses

  • Bridesmaid dresses are best in pale colours and shorter lengths, which cost a fraction of the price of a traditional gown.If going for a coloured wedding dress, just to be different, shop around in prom-dress shops to save money and have a wider choice.
  • Look for so-called designer ranges in larger departmental stores, as they tend to offer lovely short dresses which can double as bridal dresses.
  • If you have the time, you can hire someone to make the wedding dress of your choosing and style. A bridal dress fitted to your body shape will trump all other wedding dresses.
  • Always pick a wedding dress to suit your body shape and height.

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