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How To Choose A Good Athletic Shoe

Athletic Shoes for Women

Choosing your athletic shoe can be a tricky business, here are some tips on what to look for.

What is it that makes a comfortable pair of athletic shoes?

Sports shoes are all the rage these days, but for regular gym goers running shoes are the must have accessories. For the keen golfers in us, we are in perpetual search for the most comfortable and game prone pair of golf shoes. In this aspect, the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons has recommended that in buying shoes, the following elements should be considered.

One should try on athletic shoes after working out in the gym or late in the day when the feet are the largest. In choosing your athletic shoes, make sure you are wearing the correct sporting socks so as to buy the real time usage fit. In buying your shoes, keep in mind that these aren’t your off the shelf fashion shoes or those famous Gucci shoes you own; make sure u inspect and ensure that your feet fit.

To assess the fit of sports shoes, one should be able to wiggle your toes while having these shoes on. Be it men’s shoes or women’s shoes; make sure you try them around the shop. Walk a little, run a step or two or hop around to check that the athletic pair of shoes you are buying are as athletic as your foot is. Remember, your sports shoes aren’t your fashion shoes, when you try the shoes, keep them laced up in a proper fashion.

In lacing up your shoes, start at the very top and tighten evenly making your way below as you lace them up. While buying these athletic shoes, forget the essential fashion shoe type heel you were imagining and look for comfort.

When you try the sport shoe on, make sure that your heel fits firmly at the back of the shoe and does not show signs of slip and slide. In buying shoes for a particular sport, buy shoes which are particular to that if you regularly use them in that game. So the next time when you go out to buy the next pair of your Nike shoes, we hope these pointers shall help.

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