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10 Tricks to Wear Mom Jeans

Cuff Them

High waited jeans are a look that’s been embraced by a growing number of celebrities, including Kendall and Kylie Jenner. Turning frumpy mom jeans into a cool fashion statement isn’t easy, but if you love the look, you can definitely pull it off with a few simple tips.

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Find out how to wear mom jeans without looking like you belong in the ‘90s, and rock this trend while it’s hot. Whether you opt for vintage or pick up a brand new pair, here’s what you need to know when it comes to making mom jeans a part of your style.

Find the Perfect Fit

Perfect Fit

If you’re not getting the perfect pair of high waisted jeans, you risk running into a lot of problems, from muffin tops to camel toes. In order to turn the mom jeans into more than a retro look, you’ll need to make sure that they fit your hips the right way. Going too big can also be a problem, since you’ll end up looking frumpy instead of sleek.

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Pair Them with a Crop Top

 Crop Top

The best answer to the question of how to wear mom jeans is going for a great look with a crop top. The ‘90s staple has been making a comeback, and high waisted jeans are the perfect way to rock a crop top without showing too much midriff. It can also emphasize your waist in the best way. Even a longer crop top will work with mom jeans.

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Cuff Them

Cuff Them

While some mom jeans don’t need cuffing, most are a bit on the long side and they could use a little cuffing. In order to keep the look chic instead of going too casual, make really small cuffs. The bigger you go, the less fashionable you’ll end up looking, no matter what shoes you choose.

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Go for Heels


Delicate heels are another way to take this look to the next level. Cuffing becomes even more important when you’re wearing high heels, since the right way to wear mom jeans means that they should never touch your shoes. From nude pumps to more attention grabbing heels, you have plenty of options to make them look chic and trendy.

Try the Distressed Look

Distressed Look

If the high waist is still too ‘90s for you, go for an edgier look with distressed mom jeans. While it won’t be easy to find the perfect pair of distressed mom jeans in stores, you can always pick up a vintage pair at a thrift shop and do a little distressing yourself, making sure that you’re not being too rough with the fabric.

Don’t Be Afraid to Belt

In order to wear mom jeans for a really chic look, don’t be afraid to belt them. You can choose a more masculine belt for a nice twist, or stick to one of the biggest accessory trends for 2015, the ribbon belt. Go thicker for a regular waist, but if you happen to have a short waist, you’ll find that skinny belts help you achieve a more flattering look.

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Pair Them with a Bold Top

If crop tops aren’t your thing, make sure you go with something bold. Bright colors and cute prints can perfectly suit mom jeans. It’s up to you if you tuck it in or not, but if you have a rectangular or apple body shape, it would be flattering to tuck. Choose mom jeans with bigger pockets and you’ll be able to create an hourglass effect.

Bold Top

Try Ankle Booties

While Doc Martens paired with mom jeans are definitely a bad idea, a sleek pair of ankle booties can be the right answer to the question of how to wear mom jeans. Heels are definitely a must if you’re paring high waisted jeans with boots, but you should also make sure that you always cuff them the right way.

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Complete Your Look with a Jacket

Creating a great look with mom jeans and a jacket is easy, but there are two simple rules you should follow. Unless you’re wearing a crop top, make sure that you tuck it in. Also, don’t choose short jackets. Make sure that the blazer or jacket covers your butt for a more sophisticated look.

Women Jacket

Give Cut Offs a Chance

High waisted denim can also make for great cut offs. So if you can’t decide how to wear mom jeans with your style, try a DIY project and turn them into cut offs. Lighter denim is the right choice if you only plan on wearing them during the summer, but think a little darker if you also want to make mom jean cut offs a part of your spring and fall looks.

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