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Try the best exercise tips for a shapely toned body

Try the best exercise tips for a shapely toned body. Don’t hide under those big baggy sweaters – Trim your gym time and your waistline in less time.

Adding on unwanted weight can be hard to shift off. Try some easy to follow diet tips and exercise routines to bring you back into shape.

Around this time of year, it is so easy to add on those extra pounds and for the food it may actually be worth it! But, if you’re worried that you wont get rid of the little added weight, then fear not because here are the best diet tips and tricks to get you slim and trim.


Thirty minutes of high – intensity exercise is as good as one hour at an easier pace. If you’re running or on a treadmill, cycling or swimming then inject some fast sprints into your exercise routine. For example, 30 seconds sprint and 2 minutes normal pace and keep repeating this for the full 30 minutes workout.


Use Peripheral Heart Action ( PHA) training to cram sixty minutes of work with weights, into half the time. The best diet tip here is to alternate upper and lower body exercises with weights, without taking a break. While you work your arms your legs will get a rest and vice versa.


Time is limited for those who have a full day working routine, so if you have time to do one exercise, the best fitness tip is to use the rowing machine. It will get you fit faster than any other gym machine. Another great diet tip is to swim, as it tones the upper and lower body while burning fat and losing weight, all at once!


Sports scientists have found the benefits of exercise can be accumulated. Three 10 minute sessions a day can get you just as fit as one longer session. What better diet tip could there be? If there was a choice between the grind of one hour working out against exercising for 10 minutes at a time through the day, I know which one I would pick! So wake up and do ten minutes of jogging. At lunchtime, try 10 minutes of fast walking and at home try 10 minutes of crazy dancing in your bedrooms. You can also add in weights for 15 minutes in the evening. Exercise done! Weight loss in progress!

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