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Women and Earring are inseparable

Women and Earring

The glittery charm and its dangling effect makes women look stylish and charming. Yes Earrings, the staple of women’s jewelry box and no women will ever neglect the enchanting and flirty effect of that sparkling little accessory. They are just as inseparable as lovers and chocolate.

Be it a simple pearl stud earring or long dangling earrings, their effect is simply mesmerizing. But it would be a big fashion don’t if you choose a wrong shape for those stylish accessories. Due to the fact that they are close to the face, earrings must compliment one’s face shape. Read on to know how to shine the brightest with your earrings.

Long Dangling Earrings

Long dangling earrings look ultra sexy and charming especially on a round face. You can choose water drops in dangles that look stylish especially with an up-do and ponytail. Moreover, they will also elongate and add a little angle to your face.

Studs, Ovals and Teardrops

Earrings with soft shapes like studs, ovals and teardrops go perfect for Oval faces. They look elegant and graceful plus add a little chunk in your look, you can wear studs with pearl, diamond or other precious stones and they will give you a perfect grace-meets-glam look.

Pyramid Style Earrings

Earrings that are wider at the bottom such as, Tear drops, chandeliers, triangle shapes are the perfect choice for girls with heart shaped face. They will compliment with your pointy chin and will look pretty.

Chic Round Earrings

Soft chic round earrings look too cute especially if you have a wide square face, they will prove to be an ultimate choice to soften up a square face. Hoops and curved edges will add the necessary roundness, and drop earrings, long tear drops or multi tiered dangling earrings will give a square shape some length.

Just choose the size and color that blends perfectly with your skin tone and facial shape and there you go radiantly on your road to style.

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