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Bride shamed as strapless wedding gown exposes ‘worst tattoo ever’

There are so many styles that you can think of when it comes to wedding dresses.

Some want to keep it pretty simple while others like to leave everything naked and show parts of their bodies.

This is what a bride does with her wedding dress, and it hasn’t gone bad on social media.

Photos of the woman’s strapless dress went viral on Facebook for all the wrong reasons.

She’s wearing a dress that brings her bright yellow tattoos to full screen, which has caused some controversy online.

The ink covers the bride’s breasts and looks like it’s in the style of a yellow-faced emoji.

Then the two yellow tattoos are connected by an inked strap that runs around his neck.

Since it was posted on Facebook, several social media users have been overwhelmed by body art.

Someone wrote, “I’m not sure if I want to see a girl topless for purely non-sexual reasons.”

Another added, “I need to see the entire tattoo! Is all of his chest a yellow smiley face?”

The third said, “To be honest, I want to know what the whole tattoo is.”

The fourth collided: “Anyone who has him tattooed should never be allowed to work again.”

And the fifth asked a question, “Why? I have too many questions.

“I went to the tattoo shop and said, ‘Can I wear a smiley bra on my breasts?’ Who said? “

In other wedding dress news, guests had a hard time finding the bride after the groom’s mother wore a white dress.

In the photo, the groom is standing between his new wife and her mother, who is wearing a laced white dress.

And the only way to tell which woman is currently married is to know that she has a bouquet of flowers in her hand.

While writing the post, one guest said, “Come on who and can you guess who the psychopathic mother-in-law is? Said.

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