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Must-Have Fashion Accessories for Teens

Fashion Accessories Teen

Fashion accessories can be fairly expressive when it comes down to individuality and uniqueness. They also are the cherries on top for your perfect outfit. Funky and trendy items are out and about almost every season. Wondering what are the “must-have”fashion accessories are for the year? Take a look:

Oversized Shades for Teen

1. Oversized Shades – With the heat and all the UV rays popping up into the planet this season, sunglasses are a must. And fortunately oversized sunglasses are the “in” thing this season! Grab a pair of extra large sunglasses and have them on you for as long as the sun is out. Sunglasses have another pro and that is the fact that they can make even the goofiest of persons look stunningly hot! So don’t forget to have this fashion accessory on ladies. Try H&M and New Yorker.

Huge Handbags for Teen

2. Huge handbags – Don’t like carrying around bags? Well, you know what they say, girls can’t own enough bags just like their shoes so this season’s other must have fashion accessory is large handbags. Don’t worry about the “large” in the handbag because all it does is give you all the extra storage space you need for keeping all the moisturizing make up, sun blocks, sanitizers etc. Look for bags with big motifs and designs even if their size is not as huge these designs can make them look huge. Try Aldo, Accessorize, H&M for the hottest new bags this season.

Belts Fashion Accessories

3. Belts – Since everything is coming in the “up” size this season go for belts that have a thicker look. Patterns, stylish designs on the belts paired with loose fitted tops just around your waist can make you look like a fashionista at all times! Thin belts are also good as a fashion accessory since they bring out the more sophisticated touch in you. Try Aldo, Guess, Zara and H&M.

Round Hats

4. Round hats – With the heat blaring right on your head this season, round shaped hats with a bow or other trendy strings attached can make you look like fashion diva. Hats are the best fashion accessory for bringing out the cute side of you.

Large Beaded Jewellery

5. Large beaded jewellery – necklaces, earrings or any other fashion accessory for you should be large and beaded with trendy designs and bright colors. These will turn in the extravagance in your look and are most popular with girls in their teenage.

Watches Fashion Accessories

6. Watches – This fashion accessory has suddenly emerged as a fashion add on. They have become the favourite embellishment of every teen all over again. A variety of different designs and shapes and all colors have now become widely available. Funky and big dials are in this year ladies so go out and grab those swatch watches.


7. Bracelets – This is another fashion accessory that defines your fashion statement. Some girls who follow their AvrilLavigne “punk rock” phase go for dark string-like bracelets, plenty of them in their arms whereas others follow a delicate look and go for thin charm bracelets.

Girl Body Studs

8. Studs -The next fashion accessory that girls get often at a variety of different parts on their body are studs. As a fashion statement not blown off or gone over the top with, two or three studs on your ear would be the best and most graceful a girl can get. You can even wear funky studs on your ears rather than getting your belly pierced. The latter is just an old fashion statement now. The new in thing is the extra stud on your ear just above your earring piercing.

Chevron Scarves

9. Chevron scarves –  Your scarf can also say a lot about you! Choosing the best pattern scarf this season made of soft chiffon material and decorated with bright and colorful prints would add the extra fashionista look to you.

Clutch Bag

10. Clutch – Exquisite looks at formal dinners, parties, events come about with the clutch that you carry with your dress. It is highly important to select a decent yet very stylish clutch to go with your outfit and heels! Go for sea green/blue colors this season. You don’t necessarily have to carry them at formal events. Clutches can be carried around even when you’re shopping, having lunch or attending a birthday!

With these fashion accessories you will definitely mark your teen fashion for decades. Funky embellishments are an all-time heart throbbing accessory for most teens so go for the funks young ladies!

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