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How to Get Rid of Eye Floaters Naturally

The cures to anything are of two types, natural and artificial/medical and both are used effectively to cure all sorts of diseases and problems. A lot of people prefer using the natural methods as compared to the un-natural methods it has less side effects because nature is the best. It has the cure for almost every health problem there is. Among those problems there is Eye Floaters and today we will tell you all about the natural ways to get rid of eye floaters which are quite easy.

Before telling you about the methods of getting rid of eye floaters naturally, first we will tell you what eye floaters really are and what are their symptoms and affects because there might be a lot of people who probably don’t know anything about eye floaters even when they are suffering from it.

What are Eye Floaters?

Eye floaters are dark spots, shapes, specks or tiny spots which you often see in your field of vision and drift around.


Eye floaters are caused by deposits of proteins in the jelly like portion of your eye’s vitreous humour. It happens within the inner back portion of the eye. This only occurs as we grow older but sometimes youngsters may also suffer from these eye floaters.

Natural Treatment for Eye Floaters:

Before we begin the methods of naturally treating the eye floaters, let me add a bit of info here that there is no cure that will get rid of the eye floaters completely, however there are treatments and methods that will reduce them and help you make your field of vision a lot better. So now let’s start with the natural ways and cures for eye floaters.

  • First thing first. Don’t let these eye floaters bother you. Not even a little bit because as the time passes these eye floaters will vanish by themselves but it requires time and patience so you have to be patient and calm and let it go by itself. If it doesn’t then we can move on to the other methods.
  • Consulting your doctor about these eye floaters is very necessary you really don’t want to mess it up otherwise it may get worst. For example if you see eye floaters or spots these are a bit okay but if these spots are accompanied by a flash of light then this is the thing you should be worrying about and you need to consult an eye specialist as soon as possible.
  • Changing the diet may also come in handy for treating and reducing these eye floaters and good healthy food is a natural cure for almost everything. Foods which are rich with antioxidants are good for curing them. And foods which have antioxidants are lemon, carrot juice, and leafy vegetables.
  • Omega 3 fatty acids are known as the eye protectors against retinal diseases. And the best source to get those omega 3 fatty acids to cure our eye floaters are fish, walnuts and fish oil.
  • There also an enzyme which is known as the Serrapeptase enzyme. This enzyme is quite affective in curing eye floaters along with it causes like blood clots, dead tissues and debris which are the main causes for eye floaters.
  • Moving on from diet to lifestyle. If you use the computer too much then you probably need a break or else you will suffer from eye floaters. If you can’t get away from the computer then you need frequent breaks in between your work time and take your eyes off the computer screen.
  • Increasing the blood flow is another way to get rid of eye floaters because sometimes poor blood flow also causes eye floaters. Now how to increase the blood flow. Well it is quite simple. There are known herbal supplements which help to increase the blood flow in your eyes. Such herbs are “Ginkgo Biloba” and “Billberry” which has been proven very affective for curing them if taken continuously, however sometimes people leave it in the middle which does not help it all.
  • Reduce stress. Do anything, any activity which will help you reduce the everyday stress you get like yoga, gym, taking a walk in a park, photography, sports or even playing a musical instrument.Among these meditation is the best way to relax yourself. Anything which can reduce your stress will be helpful in getting rid of these eye floaters for you.

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