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Top 10 Classic Perfumes for Women

10 Classic Perfumes

Top 10 classical perfumes for the women are really beneficial and obliging to the personality, confidence and freedom to cherish the fruits of modernism competing with men in all the fields of life. Fragrances’ and perfumes are the part of fashion and style essential for individual’s personality especially for women in the modern classical age.


The fashion and style of some fragrances and perfumes never changes and top 10 classical perfumes are in fashion from a long time alluring the fame and femininity. The choice of perfume should be according to the skin type, depicting the mood and reflecting the personality and eccentricity of the user. Perfumes and scents are basically of two types:



Muslim women are bounded to use non- alcoholic perfumes and fragrances’ from the religious aspect. For them some particular companies are accessible which produces 100% pure, Hilal (legitimate) and non-alcoholic.


The word perfume is derived from a Latin word “Per Fumum” means” thorough Smoke”.t he art of perfume making was being started at the era of Mesopotamian and in Egyptian age.  later on, perfume making was developed by Romans and  Persians.

Perfume making art:

Perfume is a mixture of different type of fragrances’, essential oils, aromatic compounds, solvents and fixatives give a pleasant scent by the process of distillation.

First perfume maker of the world was considered a female named Tapputi was basically a chemist tablet from the 2nd millennium BC in Mesopotamia made the history by using flowers, oils, aromatics and calamus to invent perfume by filtrations and distillation.

In the present times London and Paris are at the top position in perfume making industry with latest equipments and technologies.

World’s famous top 10 classical perfumes are categorized as

1. Viktor and Rolf flowerbomb Perfume

Viktor and Rolf flowerbomb Perfume

Flower bomb is the words no .1 perfume with Cattleya orchid, freesia, seductive Cetifolia rose and Sambac jasmine. You can get the attention with the glamorous   fragrance.

2. Daisy Marc Jacobs or Attraction

Daisy Marc Jacobs or Attraction Perfume

Daisy has a smell of light sophisticated with fruity strawberry along with spicy pink grapefruit, gardenia, white woods, vanilla musk and jasmine petals.

3. Donna Karen Cashmere Mist or lovely by Sarah Jessica Parker

Donna Karen Cashmere Mist

Donna Karen is available with real cashmere and powdery smell along lily, sandalwood, musk, amber bergamot and Moroccan jasmine.

4. Coco Noir from Chanel

Coco Noir from Chanel Perfume

Coco Noir is enriched with lily, sandalwood, musk, amber bergamot and Moroccan jasmine.

5. Shi by Alfred Sung

Shi by Alfred Sung Perfume

Shi is a romantic feminine smell along lotus blossoms and fig leaves.

6. Gucci by Gucci

Gucci by Gucci Perfume

Gucci is a floral chypre guava and Haitian Tiare flowers with a hint of musk, honey and patchouli.

7. Euphoria by Calvin Klein or No 5 by Chanel

Euphoria by Calvin Klein Perfume

Euphoria is a floral perfume with apple, rose hip, Lotus, red woods, black orchid green leaves and amber.

8. Tommy Girls or Pure Poison Dior

Tommy Girls Perfume

Tommy girl s specifies sandalwood, jasmine, magnolia, leather and cedar and lily, mint, lemon, grapefruit and honeysuckle.

9. Safari by Ralph Lauren or Obsession by Calvin Klein

Safari by Ralph Lauren for Women

Safari is special scent leather, lemon, sandalwood and cinnamon along with lavender.

10. Kiss Her

Kiss Her Perfume

Kiss her is made of Black Orchid, Wet Fig Leaves, Vintage Mahogany, and crushed red peppercorns.

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