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Woman gets praise for her response when asked why she doesn’t have children

Woman response why she doesn't have children
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People are rallying on social media in support after a lady posted what she tells everyone who questions why she doesn’t have children. We may live in the twenty-first century when AI technology outsmarts humans, but many things are still catching up, such as people who are questioning women about why they don’t have children.

Fortunately, a TikToker has come up with the right response to shut it down. Prepare to shout “Yas Queen”:


#stitch with @Maelen S. Repeat after me, “I fail to understand how my life choices impact you in any way.” You don’t owe anyone an explanation. #childfree#childfreebychoice#childfreelife#childfreetiktok#noregrets#GoodDeedsCup

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TikToker Gvizzle’s video responds to another user named Maelen who asks: “If you are the 40s and up, so 40s, 50s, 60s even more than that if you are forties and up and a woman or even a woman with a partner, who has gone their entire life childless (on purpose) please tell me what your life is like now.”

Explaining she’s been told ‘multiple times’ she will end up ‘jealous’ of her friends who have kids and feel like she’s lost out ‘on something’ and be ‘sad,’ Maelen appeals to other women for advice.

She says: “I need to know from someone who I envision myself being later on in life […] who is either in their forties or beyond […] that you are either happy with your life or give me the cold hard truth […] I wanna know do you feel like you lost out or do you feel like you’re confident and happy with your life?”

And user Gvizzle certainly delivers the cold hard truth. The user claims that she has known ‘her entire life’ that she will not have children, even when she was five years old.

“People should question why they want children just as much as people who don’t wanna have children question it and think about it because not everybody should be a parent,” Gvizzle says. “No one plans to be a sy parent but there’s a fk ton of sy parents out there.”

The TikToker resolves: “People fail to consider that other people want different things for their lives than they want for themselves. I, for one, do not understand how someone can live in a house without a dog. “To me, a house without a dog is an empty home, other people feel that way about children, and both those feelings are valid.

But they also mean I don’t get to tell you to get a dog, you don’t get to tell me to have children. “I have not regretted in 48 years, for a heartbeat, not having children, however, if the day should ever come that I do regret it, I would rather spend my next thirty-five, forty years regretting not having kids than have spent the last 20 years and the next 40 regretting having had them.

You do not miss that which you do not want.” Mic drops One wrote: “SAY IT LOUDER FOR THE PEOPLE IN THE BACK.” “It amazes me how many people will call you selfish for not wanting something,” another commented.
A third resolved: “PREACH.”

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