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Is Jennifer Aniston Planning To Become A Mother? Here’s Everything You Need To Know About It

Jennifer Aniston continues to close her eyes to her personal life frequently. Since marrying Brad Pitt, her love life has drawn fans. However, after the divorce, fans hope to be together again one day. However, today the actor breaks the internet with the news of having a child.

Before we come to any conclusion, let’s assume that Jennifer is not literally having a baby, but is planning to have a baby. Is not that cute?

We all know Jennifer Aniston was busy these days filming for the highly anticipated FRIENDS: The Reunion. The bond these actors share is beautiful and we are sure that there is a lot of talking going on behind the scenes. According to reports from TMZ, Aniston began recording his idea with “FRIENDS”.

The portal suggested that Jennifer Aniston made a big statement to her FRIENDS that she was about to adopt a baby. However, Jens’ agent, who immediately put an end to the rumors, told TMZ that the baby rumors were “false and never happened.”

Whatever the truth, we might love how these guys share everything about their personal lives with each other, just like they did on the popular sitcom.

Meanwhile, Friends’ official Instagram page, along with some leaked footage, shared a taste of the sets from Friends: The Reunion and revealed that the cast had finished filming. “This is a package! Can we get upset now? Friends: Reunion is coming to @ hbomax. #Friendsreunion” was read eagerly.

For the inexperienced, friends, the reunion is at Warner Bros. in Burbank, California. It was shot on the original Stage 24 sound stage (where Friends was filmed with a studio audience as well as the iconic fountain) in the studios. More than 3 days. The premiere of Friends: The Reunion has not yet been announced.

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