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This Is How Wendy Williams Really Spends Her Enormous Net Worth

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Along with some absolutely bananas on-air moments, Wendy Williams has amassed quite an impressive net worth through her career as a television host and radio personality. According to online sources, the star’s net worth as of 2023 is $20 million.

The star’s larger-than-life personality translates directly into her lavish lifestyle choices. Wendy isn’t afraid to splurge using her hard-earned money. From her collection of six-figure designer handbags to her extremely generous charitable donations, this is how Wendy Williams spends her net worth.

Wendy’s closet is what dreams are made of. She’s collected an array of insanely gorgeous and expensive designer handbags throughout the years, her most expensive being a black alligator skin Hermes Birkin. According to online sources, the bag retails for $225,000.

She’s a fan of Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Alexander McQueen, and Jimmy Choo, collecting numerous pieces from designers over the years. While there’s no public record of exactly how much Wendy has spent on clothing, we can safely assume it’s well over the $1 million mark considering her expensive taste.

Wendy and her husband, Kevin Hunter, had been together since before her success and had no prenup. So when the star told fans she would be divorcing him, fans geared up for an intense battle over their finances. But things were split easily between the couple, with Kevin giving over any ownership of the Wendy Williams brand.

They agreed to sell their California home and split the profit in their divorce. Wendy also paid Kevin $250,000 in alimony, so he could find a place to live after the breakup. Despite their divorce, he’s continued to be vocally supportive of his ex-wife and her career.

Wendy Williams has supported over 30 charities throughout her time as a celebrity. She formed The Hunter foundations with her now ex-husband in 2014 to help recovering addicts, a cause very close to her heart as she’s struggled with substances for years. While she has since taken steps to dissolve the foundation due to her nasty breakup with Kevin, she’s always looking for a way to impact someone’s life positively.

Most recently, she joined up with SNAX-Sational Brands to help expand their backpack initiative. The proceeds from the brand’s sales, including Candy Pop, Cookie Pop, and Pasta Chips, go to Operation Backpack.

Their goal is to every year is to collect and distribute 20,000 backpacks filled with school supplies for New York City kids in domestic violence and homeless shelters. We don’t know exactly how much money Wendy Williams has spent supporting charities throughout the years, but we can safely estimate it’s more than $1 million.

Wendy loves her son Kevin Hunter Jr. She’s made it a priority in her life to ensure he has access to the best opportunities and schooling and lives a lifestyle as lavish as hers.

Prior to Wendy’s money problems, she spent a large portion of her Net worth on her son. She paid for her $2 million condo in Miami and his college tuition. Unfortunately, he had to drop out to help attend to Wendy’s health. Constantly traveling back and forth from Miami to his mother’s treatment facility proved to be too draining on him. Through his actions, Kevin clearly cares about his mother as much as she cares about him.​​​​​​​

After her divorce, Wendy Williams rented a gorgeous apartment in New York City. The 2,403 square feet, three-story unit has 20-foot ceilings, three bedrooms, and a magnificent view of the Hudson River. According to Velvet Rope, the tv host pays $15,000 monthly for the spot.

Wendy Williams is always dripping in jewels. Diamonds, rubies, emeralds – you name it, the star has worn it. While most celebrities rent or borrow their jewels from collectors and brands for significant events, some choose to collect rare pieces.

According to online sources, Wendy has spent millions on jewelry throughout the years – with her most extravagant purchase being a giant flower ring encrusted in Diamonds. The star started wearing years ago on her right hand, but in 2019 switched its placement to replace her wedding ring after announcing her divorce from Kevin Hunter.

Wendy Williams has racked up quite an impressive collection of cars throughout her life. Some of the crazy expensive cars you can find parked in her garage are a Bentley, the Aston Martin v12 Zagato, and a mini Cooper S. The base model price for a Bentley starts at $160,000.

An Aston Martin v12 Zagato starts pricing at $500,000. Considering how extra Wendy is, chances are she splurged even more, to ensure her Bentley and Aston Martin are decked out with all the latest bells and whistles. We don’t know exactly how much the star has spent on cars, but we can safely assume at least $1 million of her net worth has been spent purchasing luxury vehicles.

There’s one thing Wendy Williams always needs on her person – Frank’s Red Hot sauce. She told the New York Times in 2012 that it’s the one thing she will never forget to have in her purse.

“I carry my own Frank’s Red Hot sauce because there are a lot of places where everything is good, and when it comes to the sauces, they pull out Tabasco,” said the star. While we don’t know precisely how much Wendy has spent on the sauce, based on her interview with the New York Times, where she expands upon her obsession with the stuff, we can safely assume it’s in the thousands.

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