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Liz Hurley, 55, maintains her age-defying figure by ‘scrubbing skirting boards’

Hollywood star Liz Hurley is famous for her age-defying figure, and the 55-year-old says it’s all thanks to getting stuck into some household chores

Liz Hurley claims she keeps in shape in her 50s by scrubbing her skirting boards.

The 55-year-old actress, who often thrills fans by posing online in her bikinis, “hasn’t been to a gym in 100 years” and credits her active lifestyle to helping her maintain her figure.

“As you get older, it’s harder to keep the weight off if you’re not active,” she said.

“Even cleaning the skirting boards can burn a lot of calories, there’s a lot of things we can do which isn’t just yawn, yawn go to the gym.

“I’m very active outside all the time, plus I spend my life running upstairs carrying things and faffing, so I think I burn a lot of calories by being active.”

The mother of one also “tries not to eat too many biscuits and sweets”.

But she admitted it was “very hard during lockdown” so she indulged herself because she was doing so much walking.

Liz spent lockdown holed up in a £6million mansion with 13 bedrooms in Hertfordshire that she bought with her ex, former cricketer Shane Warne.

She told the Postcards from Midlife podcast: “The first lockdown was tough. We were very scared. I had my mother and her sister – both in their 80s – living with me and another friend who is very compromised in the immune system.

“And then there were a load of us my age, and my son. So we had a huge gang and we completely isolated ourselves.

“I was the only one who left the house and was almost in a hazmat suit to do shopping.

“It was a big bonding time, extraordinary from that point of view.”

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