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Lea Michele Reveals The Real Name

Lea Michele Reveals The Real Name

Lea Michele Reveals The Real NameDuring her visit to the NBC Studios in Burbank, California, the Glee actress Lea Michele reveals her real name on “Tonight Show“.

Lea Michele stepped at the stage of “Tonight Show with Jay Leno” in a short golden black outfit. She had fun gossips with the host. During her interview, when Jay Leno asked about her last name that appears on her biography, she revealed, “Sarfati. That’s my real last name. I don’t use it a lot because I got Lea So-fatty, Lea So-farty at school. So when I was little and I went on my first audition they were like, ‘And may we have your name,’ and I was like Lea Michele. And I’ve been Lea Michele ever since.”

“It’s Sephardic, which is Spanish/Jew. We’re from Spain, got kicked out… went there, went there”, she added further and the chat session goes on with laughs…

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