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The Beauty Myths you ever Wanted to Know

Beauty Myths

Beauty MythsYou will find lots of lots of Beauty tips on Internet. You better know which suits and which is not. Here you will get to know some Basic Beauty Myths. It means you can’t look beautiful without these beauty myths. They are the must haves of beauty. So here you know the best of beauty tips.

Your teeth:

Your teeth can be your image builder and the image breaker at the same time. Try to keep your teeth like pearls. Clean them and care for them. The best way of doing so can be suggested by your dentist but if you want to do at home. After making lemonade, brush your teeth with lemon and apply a little amount of baking soda upon it. We bet you will get stain free teeth with pearly shine. It’s the first ever beauty tip.

Artificial beauty is not always good:

Artificial nails, eyelashes etc are good since they make you look beautiful for a while and it’s always recommended in most style tips but while removing it be very careful since improper removal of this artificial stuff can take your real beauty away. Use the proper means of removing it else your nails and eye lashes can get damaged. Use Style tips wisely. This is the second beauty tip for you.

Haircut often a secret of long hair

Many women think that hair cuts can affect their hair if they are already having hair problems. If you think in that way too then you are wrong. Frequent hair cuts by a professional can help your hair grow and have its re birth. With hair cuts you can minimize that dead split ends and as a result you may own a beautiful hair.

You love make up? Here is the best way

We all are fond of wearing make up. After all it’s the must have of any style tip process. It gives us gorgeous and killing looks but do the looks only are enough alone? The make up you are wearing should also be nutritious for your skin .It should protect your skin from harmful elements. If you desire the same from your make up products then organic make up products are just for you. Organic make up products are weak chemically and cause zero damage to your skin.

Try out all the colors:

Another style tip is for you which is that just don’t limit your self to few colors which are your favorite or which suits. I personally believe that a woman can wear every color if not, then it’s another shade. You just need to be wise in trying out all colors with the particular shade which suits your complexion and charisma. We bet this is the only way of becoming style versatility.

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