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Katie Price worried that she could lose Harvey after neighbours reported her to the police

Katie Price is a well renowned British star. She lived happy and prosper life with family but now the happiest circumstance eventually changed into fear. Why 42-year-old was fearing. Let find out the whole story.

According to our sources, the mother of five Katie Price is fearing for her eldest child (Harvey) and frequently time police had visited the place.  After a spate visited by police and she has been feuding with her neighbors because they are reported police for breaking lockdown rules, alleging “they’ve got it in” for her.

“He also struggles with his weight, so his health is paramount and always on Katie’s mind. When the neighbours accused her of putting him at risk, it really upset her.”

Harvey, who has the genetic condition Prader-Willi syndrome, is at higher risk of coronavirus because he weighs 29 stone. Katie’s mum Amy has also been shielding during the pandemic as she suffers from the incurable lung disease idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis.

“She hasn’t broken any rules. She has been working from home as per guidelines. She can understand how it appears, but she would never put Harvey’s health at risk, or her mother’s.”

And the source claimed she’s now putting all of her energy into helping

Harvey loses weight and stay healthy. “It’s been a really tough year for Katie with Harvey. They are closer than ever and have spent more time together than ever. Katie says she’s made it through lockdown because of him,” said the source.

“Katie is going to be very much focused on Harvey and his health next year. She’s determined to help him lose weight and improve his all-round health.”

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