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Former stepmother Reba McEntire reveals what she really thinks of Kelly Clarkson


Kelly Clarkson’s ex-husband, Brandon Blackstock, was raised by Reba McEntire, who recently expressed her utter delight in Kelly during her stint on The Voice.

Along with giving competitors of the program advisor, the country music icon also spoke openly about her long-standing romance with the Since U Been Gone singer.

“I am so proud of Kelly,” said Reba. Both as an artist and a mentor, she has developed. We’ve known each other since 2000, or more precisely, since 2002, when she was only a baby.

“Now that she has grown into this incredible woman, I am just so proud of her and I love her with all of my heart,” she concluded.

Reba’s remarks clearly moved Kelly, who hugged the 68-year-old icon and expressed her own gratitude for their partnership, saying: “I adore working with Reba. She has been a huge help to me creatively and musically.

Despite Kelly’s divorce from Brandon, the two ladies have a special friendship that is fueled by their love and respect for one another. Reba said she wouldn’t choose a side since she loves both Kelly and her former stepson during an interview on Entertainment Tonight.

Kelly and I have been close friends for a very long time, said Reba. I still adore Brandon, even if he is my stepson, and I pray for them both because I care about them both.

Reba was referred to by Niall as “the absolute queen,” and he praised her for her vivacious nature and great singing expertise. Chance had similar feelings, thanking Reba for the “amazing advice” she gave his team, told HELLO!

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Reba and Blake have a long history together, and Blake reflected on their relationship and joint endeavors, saying, “Having Reba here, it’s just familiar territory for me because we’ve worked together a lot over the years.”

Reba returned the warmth, expressing her appreciation for their strong relationship by remarking, “Every time we’re back together, it’s like we haven’t been apart.”

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