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Most Beautiful Woman of the World



story-38-most-beautiful-woman-of-worldPenelope Cruz defeated 39 years old, supermodel Claudia Schiffer, and actress Kristin Scott Thomas 49, form the top the list. The list was accumulated by fashion specialist Sally Allen. The list was compiled for clothing firm Wizard Jeans, with spokesman Anthony Edwards. It was not as easy for the Sally Allen, as it took her about a year at press coverage to assemble the list. The list also included 64 years old Dame Helen Mirren, and 75-year-old Sophia Loren.

According to Sally Allen, the top ten candidate women are at times considered randomly or suddenly, but we always manage it. We also grabbed the ladies without make-over as well, just to judge their natural beauty. Without glamorous looks or in less artificial posses we can easily get the idea of their natural beauty. No doubt, Penelope Cruz has proved as just perfect on our beauty standards and she fulfilled all our desired parameters, Sally Allen further revealed. So Penelope Cruz is the winner and now considered as the most beautiful woman of the world.

Penelope Cruz
is certainly an appealing girl; she started her acting career only at the age of 16, and now she is a mature & beautiful woman.

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